TCQ farewells long time member, John Wilson, may he rest in peace

07 February 2020

A mix of sorrow and appreciation fills the hearts at the Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ) today as we farewell John Wilson, who passed away, Wednesday, 5 February 2020.

A long-time member of TCQ, John had a contagious passion for the industry.

Spending the majority of his working life with Yellow Cabs, then 13CABS, John had a wide-ranging career in which he made significant contributions as Yellows’ fleet vehicle sales and licensing manager, Driver Superintendent, Chairman of the Yellow Owners Committee, and rank supervision manager.

John also made important contributions for the broader industry through his roles with TCQ as a Councillor, Metropolitan Committee member, and co-ordinator for the Late-Night Secure Ranks Program in Brisbane.

Blair Davies, CEO of TCQ, said TCQ has lost one of its stalwarts, with John being known as a man who consistently put the industry’s interest first.

“John carried out all his roles without fuss or fluster. He was the guy who would bring common sense back into a conversation, a quality that can be quite uncommon and yet so very valuable,” said Mr Davies.

“The memory of John’s commitment, life and light will live on with us.”

“Thank you, John, for everything you have done for TCQ, for the industry and for the community. Our deepest condolences are extended to his family and close friends.”

John’s funeral will be held on Thursday, 13 February 2020, for details please contact TCQ on 07 3434 2100.