Queensland’s Taxi Council has thrown its support behind the current police drink driving blitz and has urged Queenslander’s not to drink and drive.
This follows a report that a blitz in Brisbane’s north on Saturday saw one in 50 drivers busted for positive blood alcohol levels.

Taxi Council Queensland chief executive officer Benjamin Wash said if you choose to drink and drive, there are only two options – get nabbed by police or drive in a taxi.

He said the taxi industry witnesses the effects of alcohol first-hand and has called on people to display a greater level of personal responsibility.

“It is beyond belief that so many drivers were caught over the weekend when the option of getting a lift with a friend or calling a cab is a hell of a lot cheaper – and safer,” he said.

Regional Traffic Coordinator for Metropolitan North, Inspector Jac Feather told the Brisbane Times, “Far too many drivers still believe that there is an acceptable risk in leaving licensed premises or home after consuming alcohol and driving their vehicles with little regard for their own lives or the lives of other road users.” (Brisbane times 24 Feb, 2013)

Mr Wash said it has never been easier to call a taxi as almost all taxi companies now have smartphone booking apps.

His advice is simple: “If you drink and need to drive, make sure you drive in the passenger seat of a taxi.”