The Taxi Council of Queensland has welcomed the State Government’s announcement to provide a $6.50 subsidy for each trip taken by wheelchair-bound passengers. CEO Benjamin Wash said while it did not cover the full cost to drivers it was a move in the right direction and would benefit disabled passengers as well as drivers.

“This is a direct result of a long campaign by the taxi industry and drivers will now receive some compensation for the extra time it takes to assist wheelchair customers,” he said.

“Drivers often sacrifice higher fares to pick up disabled customers and they do so gladly and professionally. I’m very keen to see this administered so the entire subsidy goes to the driver because it’s the driver who delivers the service.”

Mr Wash pointed out that this will not increase taxi fares but will lead to better customer service.

He said because legislation like this takes time, it was important that the LNP made a commitment to keep the subsidy if they form government after the state election.

“This decision is too important to be lost in politics and I will be formally asking the LNP to support the Government’s announcement.”