As part of the aim to be known as the world’s best taxi service, Queensland’s Taxi Council has issued a warning to drivers that it will not tolerate any inappropriate behaviour towards female customers.

4BC Interview with Benjamin Wash
Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ) chief executive officer Benjamin Wash said that while Queensland taxis lead the world in many areas and enjoy a high customer satisfaction rating, he is setting the standards high.

“Ninety nine per cent of our drivers are excellent and do the right thing always, but when you want to be the best, you must demand the best,” he explained.

Mr Wash said he was aware that some female customers did not feel safe travelling in taxis, despite taxi travel being the safest form of door to door transport.

“We don’t want to ignore this perception. We want to bring this into the open and deal with it.

“Any behaviour that makes a customer feel insecure is distressing to me personally and to everyone across our industry.”

TCQ has issued a memo to all booking companies outlining unacceptable behaviour which includes:

– Inappropriate language, including vulgarity or sexually suggestive words or language.
– Questions of a private nature, including any personal details about customers or their plans.
– Any request for personal details or to communicate with a customer after the taxi journey.
– Suggestions outside of what would be typically expected from a taxi driver – i.e directions, places to visit, information about the location etc.
– Discussions of topics that may offend, raise concern or cause fear.
– Language that could be received as racist, sexist or degrading to women.

The memo states that inappropriate behaviour is found across all industries and is not widespread in the taxi industry, noting that the last Queensland Government mystery shopper survey gave Queensland taxis almost a 90 per cent satisfaction rating.

However Mr Wash said one incident was one too many.

“Just like we asked customers to report other issues in the past, we are now asking them to please immediately advise the taxi company of any instance where they feel unsafe or uncomfortable in a taxi.”

“If it is still unresolved, please advise TCQ. If we don’t know, we can’t act.”

12/15/2016 11:59:13
Dear Sir/Madam,
Below is my abusive incident with a Yellow Cab Taxi Driver.
His name is: Sung Tek Kim
phone: -0435726972
address- 16 Killarney Crescent Capalaba 4157

I have asked Yellow Cabs and the Taxi driver to replace my destroyed suitcase. I have been trying since 21st Nov, 2016.
I have called the Taxi driver and he will not tell me his Taxi Driver License number or email. When he called me on my mobile phone he hangs up before I have time to answer the phone.
Can you help in any way. Although there has been no bad language this case is still extremely abusive towards a woman.
I have tried to get some justice through Yellow Cabs and

-Original Message—–
From: [] Sent: 21 November 2016 16:22
Enquiry: Complaints
Name: Frances O’Brien
Phone: 0438409334
City: PO Box 3217, Umina Beach, 2257 NSW
Enquiry: The driver Kim (Asian Man) arrived at Stradbroke Island, he opened the hatch back so I could get my bags out and I also paid him $8.60 for the trip. He helped get the luggage out of the back and then got in the car. While I was taking some of my other bags onto the pavement he got in his car and reversed over my Eminent black hard luggage case. The case was dragged under the car. I ran over to the car and started to yell out “STOP”. At first he didn’t notice, but as I got closer to his driver side window he finally saw me and stopped. He got out of the car and I said to him ‘you have reversed over my luggage.’ We went to the back of his car and my suitcase was jammed under the car. When it finally came out the wheel had me broken and some of the suitcase has been cracked and scratched. I said to the taxi driver you have broken my suitcase. He said what do you want me to do. I said pay for a new one. He said Yellow Cabs can do that. The taxi driver went to get in the car and and I asked him for his name and he said Kim. I said I would like a card with your details on it. He got in the car and left. There was no reason for the taxi driver to reverse in the first place. I question the taxi drivers, driving skills. I have a witness who took a photo of the taxi cab for me and I have another witness who saw everything that went on.
My case is destroyed. I am on holidays. I have had to put belongings in striped plastic bags. The bags are heavy to lift. I have a disability and am quite a sick person, I really needed the bag I had destroyed by your taxi driver.
I would be happy if you bought me another bag. You can buy Eminent bags online. My suitcase is a Hard Luggage Black Case on wheels. It is 595 X 371.
I would also like my money back for the taxi ride.
You can contact me on my mobile or by email. If you would like a copy of the photos please email me for them.
Frances O’Brien
Trip Details, Date/Time/Location (Optional): Taxi cab number: 373.
Registration number: T51631.
Caught a yellow cab taxi from taxi rank at Cleveland shopping centre.
Arrived at Water Taxi to Stradbroke Island at 11:45am on 20/11/16. Driver was called Kim. Was an Old Asian Man.