Media Statement

04 December 2015

Statement from Benjamin Wash, Chief Executive Officer TCQ

Today’s court decision in Victoria that ruled uber is an illegal taxi service proves what almost every Government in Australia has been saying and exposes uber’s continued lies, deception and illegality.

The ruling also makes a mockery of this week’s submission to the Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee in which uber proudly claimed it had never been found guilty of operating illegally in any Australian jurisdiction – that is now wrong.

​Taxi Council Queensland reaffirms its stance of welcoming competition in the industry as long as there is a level playing field. No company, even a foreign giant like uber – should be allowed to break the law because they have the money to do so.

We call on the Queensland Government to deal with uber through the legal process and begin prosecutions to send a message that all are equal under the law.

The more than 16 thousand small business owners that make up our state’s taxi industry abide by the law, pay tax and meet regulations and deserve the full protection of the legal and justice system.