​Taxi Council QLD says breakdown of law and order may incite lawlessness

Queensland’s Taxi Council has outlined their fear that rogue individuals may take the law into their own hands if illegal taxi services are allowed to continue operating.

Taxi Council Queensland CEO Benjamin Wash said he doesn’t condone any sort of physical assault.

“Taxi drivers have been victims of physical assault so we are the first to stand against violence, and we want to see any perpetrator arrested and charged,” he said.

However he pointed out that there is no evidence at this stage that anyone in the taxi industry has assaulted anyone, and called uber’s comments that tried to link the assaults to the taxi industry, “disgraceful”.

“The Queensland taxi industry has never engaged in any unlawful activity, unlike uber who is operating completely unlawfully.”

However Mr Wash said that he also condemned “the breakdown of law and order in Queensland”.

“The law is clear and the Government has issued uber with a cease and desist order. They blatantly ignore this.

“My fear is that if the Government doesn’t act quickly, rogue individuals may decide to take the law into their own hands – and that will not be a good outcome for anyone.”

He said the taxi industry is made up of thousands of small business people who abide by the law at great cost, whereas illegal taxis don’t abide by any regulations and are being allowed to operate openly with no enforcement.

“If someone was breaking into my home and law enforcement knew the perpetrator and failed to act, what would I do? – Probably take the law into my own hands,” he said.

“This is what is happening. We have a law, uber is breaking it and honest, law abiding citizens are being hurt.

“I say to uber – if you were not acting illegally we would not be here having this conversation today.

“I say to the Government – We understand the complexities of legislation, but it’s time to enforce the law.

“The taxi industry wants law and order – we just want to get on with the job of serving our customers.