Media Release
December 14, 2015

The days of a taxi driver waiting in the queue at Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal only to get a fare to the International Terminal – and being disadvantaged because of the ‘luck of the draw’ – is over, thanks to an innovative new scheme successfully being implemented by Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC).

In fact it has worked so well, the working group responsible for the initiative was recently recognised at the annual Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ) Industry Awards.

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Adam Hazell received the prestigious industry Innovation Award at the recent ceremony in Brisbane and paid tribute to the hard work achieved by the Airport Working Group (AWG) looking in to the short fare system.

“The research between the AWG and taxi drivers who work from the airport was consultative and thorough and we know we have come up with a fairer system for cabbies who take short fare jobs within the precinct which continues to grow.”

The Brisbane Airport precinct implemented a system in which drivers who complete a short fare within a 15 minute time allowance are now allowed to return to the start of the feeder queue at the various ranks outside the terminals, meaning drivers are happier to do the fare knowing they can quickly return and not have to line up again.

The short fare system has also been upgraded to avoid drivers speeding through their jobs, with technologies like real-time distance based clocking and licence plate recognition now being used.

TCQ chief executive officer Benjamin Wash paid tribute to Mr Hazell and the Brisbane Airport team saying the new system and subsequent upgrades have had a major impact on the efficiency of airport taxi operations, dramatically decreasing complaints and improving overall customer safety and service.