Media Release
January 10, 2017

The news that Brisbane restaurateurs Augustine and Judy Tso have been forced to close popular eatery Augustine’s on George after 31 years due to the development of the Queen’s Wharf project is sad for the state and for small business operators, according to Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ).

TCQ Chief Executive Officer Benjamin Wash says while he understands the need for development and the closure of the building, it doesn’t appear as though the State Government really cares about the impact on the business owners.

He compared their plight to that of taxi owners who, “are small business owners who pay their taxes, yet were hung out to dry by the Government who changed regulations to suit a multinational company that pays no GST or tax.”

“Everyone understands progress, but this Government believes that progress means steamrolling over small business operators in the process,” he said.

“Most politicians have never operated a business and many have spent their life living off the public purse, which gives them a deluded sense of what is right and wrong.

“Small business operators don’t want a free ride. But they do expect that if they act ethically, obey the law and pay their taxes, they will be supported by the governments they elect.

“Sadly, the examples of the taxi industry and now it seems other small business owners do not support that fair and reasonable notion.”

Mr Wash said the Government needed to listen, and should remember the fate of both the Newman Government, the slim win by the Federal Government at the last election, and the increased support of parties like One Nation and Katter’s Australia party.

“In the seat of Longman, Wyatt Roy was defeated because he didn’t stand up for hard working business people. The Newman Government was defeated because they didn’t listen.

“The minor parties are listening and supporting their constituents, and the Government should be taking note.”