Media Release

There must be new action against illegal taxis this weekend – Taxi Council

Legislation that increased enforcement and penalties against illegal taxis came into force yesterday, and Queensland’s peak taxi body has called for a massive enforcement campaign by the Department of Transport this weekend.

Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ) says the industry has had enough of illegal operators flouting the law and disadvantaging law abiding small business owners who drive, operate, and own taxis. TCQ Chief Operating Officer Wayne Crooks said the parliament has given the order and it is now up to the department to act.

“More words are not good enough. It’s time for action and we expect to see enforcement on this first weekend following the legislation becoming law.” Mr Crookes said TCQ would be monitoring both illegal taxi activity across the entertainment precincts and the actions of transport inspectors and will be encouraging taxi drivers to do the same.

“Drivers must not approach any person or vehicle they suspect of operating an illegal taxi, but should report it to their booking company or to Taxi Council Queensland.” He said a failure to enforce the new laws will result in widespread anger across the taxi industry.

“We will be talking to the Government next week, either to congratulate them for taking this issue seriously, or to register our disappointment about the inaction of the department. I hope it is the former.”