Road Closure – Talinga Street, Buddina


Update: May 2024

Tomkins Commercial are implementing an operation on Saturday 11th May 2024 for dismantle of the sites main tower crane. On this day it will be necessary to establish a ‘Road Closure’ on Talinga Street.

Traffic Controllers setting up at approx. 3:00am for both Talinga St and Pacific Blvd. This is purely to maintain an exclusion zone around the operation as all loading and unloading to will be done on Pacific Boulevard.

When this road closure is in place, access to Talinga street will be affected. As part of the Talinga road closure TGS there will be a traffic controller posted in the street to guide you to and from your driveway through the road closure and active roadway. When leaving your driveway, you look for and make contact with the traffic controller who is responsible for this activity. They will coordinate with workers who are operating in the work zone and ensure you can be delivered to the traffic controller at the other end of the road closure who will assist you into the active roadway. Similarly, when accessing your driveway form the active roadway please make contact with the traffic controller who is positioned at the end of Talinga street and they will coordinate the process in reverse. Traffic controllers have been briefed with this process.

Otherwise, it us asked that you look for and follow the directions of our traffic controllers when they are operating on the roadways. They are there for the safety of all road users and construction personnel. They also have a difficult job and so would appreciate you being courteous and respectful.

Original: September 2023

There are upcoming activities on the Beachfront Buddina construction site that will involve the use of adjacent roadways.

Vehicle movements will continue to and from loading zones along Pacific Blvd and Talinga Street.

Concrete pours will continue from one of 3 street frontage locations as we progress with structure.

The following Major Events that are scheduled to take place:

  • Tuesday 12th September – Level 7 Pour 3 – Contraflow along Pacific Blvd
  • Friday 15th September – level 7 Pour 4 – Full road closure along Talinga St

Licenced traffic controllers will be managing all adjacent roadways including footpaths during the above operations. If using the roadways around site, please expect to see traffic controllers managing the adjacent roadways most days. Please follow their directions and observe the signage in place in line with the approved Traffic Management Plan.

Safety for all including the safety of traffic controllers is always our main concern.

Please also understand that (with exception of the ‘kiss and go’ area on Iluka Ave) the roadways surrounding site are un-restricted; meaning anyone can park in accordance with the council conditions. Tomkins encourages site workers to not park in front of site however, we cannot prevent anyone from exercising their rights when using public roadways.

There has been some abuse directed towards the workers with regards to parking in front of site. Please be aware that they are only doing their job and acting within the laws and regulations that exist.

The event is finished.


11 May 2024


3:00 am - 6:00 pm


Tomkins Commercial
(07) 3267 0694