Media Release
May 19, 2017

The chief executive of Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ) says this week’s revelation that a fake ride-sourcing driver attempted to pick up a Gold Coast woman, should send shivers down the spine of every Queensland MP.

Benjamin Wash said TCQ has been warning of events like this – which have happened several times previously – ever since the Government allowed ride sourcing. He said it only reinforces the importance of strong, safety based legislation in the personalised transport sector.

“We cannot downplay this incident. When an unauthorised person with an unknown motive tries to pick up someone in a vehicle it is an attempted abduction, plain and simple!

“This is a direct result of the State Government’s dereliction of their duty to protect Queenslanders and legislators should act immediately to ensure that this cannot happen.”

Mr Wash said the Taxi Council has called for proper identification of all vehicles in the personalised transport sector because currently it is far too easy for people with criminal intent to take advantage of vulnerable people.

“What if this person was intoxicated or had a mental disability? I can guarantee that many people would not have had the presence of mind of this lady and would have gotten into this car.

“If this is not fixed someone will be seriously hurt or even die, but let’s not wait until that happens before we implement sensible, consistent, safety based regulations for all taxis and ride sourcing vehicles.”

Mr Wash emphasised that uber was not at fault for this incident, but it highlighted the need for ride sourcing vehicles to provide the same level of protection to consumers as taxis.

“It is the State Government that is at fault here.”

TCQ has recently called on all Queensland MPs to implement 20 key points which will ensure common sense transport for Queensland.