Communities are safe with secure taxi ranks

Media release
January 11, 2019 

While there are still many people enjoying a break and taking the opportunity to catch up with family and friends, the Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ) wants to share a timely reminder that there is never a need to drink and drive because your nearest taxi won’t be far away.

Especially for those heading into CBD areas for a night out on the town, Queensland has secure taxi ranks available across the State to provide safe places to quick and easily catch a cab when other modes of public transport have stopped running or may only be running inconveniently.

TCQ CEO, Blair Davies says the secure taxi ranks are a smart choice for late-night punters and large crowds looking for trustable transport to get them home safe and sound.

“After an enjoyable night out, the last thing you want to be doing is standing by the side of the road trying to read obscure car number plates in order to work out which one is supposed to be your ride. By way of comparison, the secure taxi ranks are an easy place to head to and all the waiting taxis will be easily identifiable and ready to go,” Mr Davies said.

“The secure ranks are a safe place for taxi customers because they are protected by CCTV cameras, extra lighting and fully qualified security guards. The secure ranks also have experienced rank marshals in attendance to assist passengers with taxi related questions about fares and the best route to their destination.”

All of the official secure taxi ranks are manned by experienced taxi marshals and qualified security guards to ensure everyone joining the queue gets served in an orderly fashion and if anyone has to wait awhile, they can do so with confidence that they are in a safe place.

“Be it large crowds dispersing from entertainment precincts, venues or events or individuals and couples simply requiring a lift home, everybody can trust our rank marshals and guards will be there to help keep them safe. The rank marshals are also in constant contact with taxi company call centres and therefore can get messages to the whole fleet whenever taxis are needed in a hurry at a particular rank.”

Mr Davies says the secure taxi ranks are also designed to ensure Queensland cabbies can continue to feel safe as they go about their business of efficiently transporting members of the community at all hours of the night.

“Our drivers work throughout the night to ensure everyone has a trusted and reliable means of getting around. Secure ranks help mitigate any potential risk for our cabbies having to pick up passengers in dark or dangerous areas,” he continued.

“Our rank marshals can also help drivers by checking that passengers are fit for travel. This helps minimise drivers having to deal with any unruly or misbehaving passengers during the journey while driving which is a much safer outcome for all concerned.  Taxi drivers just like everyone else, simply want to be able to go to work and return home safely to their families at the end of their shifts.”

Mr Davies praised the Queensland Government’s ongoing investment in the secure taxi ranks program. It is a great example of industry and Government co-operating to produce a huge public benefit for the whole community.