The following statement is to be attributed to Benjamin Wash, CEO of Taxi Council of Queensland.

“In response to the alleged attack on a taxi driver at Aspley early Sunday morning, I condemn all violence against our drivers. Those that attack drivers who are simply doing their job are cowardly and this sort of behaviour must be viewed as unacceptable by the community and our courts. The Taxi Council of Queensland will be following this case closely.”
“This alleged incident comes on the back of several incidents of violence against taxis, drivers and rank security officers over recent weekends and the publicised mob attack of a few weeks ago. It certainly appears that violence against drivers is increasing rather than decreasing and this is a very concerning trend.”

“Taxi drivers operate in a realm of trust each time a passenger gets into a vehicle. We urge the community not to betray that trust. The Taxi Council is doing everything in its power to protect drivers but ultimately this will only stop when the community-at-large says ‘enough is enough’. It takes the public to help drivers by assisting where necessary and reporting incidents. It takes the courts being a deterrent and sending a clear message that violence in any form will not be tolerated.”