Media Release

Casino will breathe new life into small business – taxi industry

Queensland’s taxi peak body believes Brisbane’s new casino will stimulate local tourism and small business in a way the city has not seen since World Expo.

Taxi Council Queensland chief executive officer Benjamin Wash said the state’s taxi industry is made up of over 15,000 small business owners, who are just some of those that will benefit from projects like casinos and cruise ship terminals.

He said the industry has developed its tourism image over the past few years through close engagement with other tourism industry participants, and will be ready to be the ‘face of Queensland’ when the casino opens.

“Taxi drivers are often the first people tourists see when they arrive and the last they see before they depart, and we’ve been implementing a tourism ambassador program across Queensland for the past few years.”

Mr Wash is also expecting to see an increase in the number of taxi drivers, not only due to the casino but as major events like the Commonwealth Games draw near.

“There are around 250,000 taxi fares every day across Queensland and this will increase, meaning we will need more drivers, so I’d be encouraging anyone who wants a fulfilling career to come forward now,” he said.

“Many Queenslanders would be surprised to learn that while taxis might carry a brand on their cars, this is only a booking arrangement. Most cabs are owned by everyday people who have invested their savings into a taxi licence, and many are retirees.”

He said every driver is a small business person, making the taxi industry one of the largest supporters of small business in the state.

“We welcome development and congratulate both the Newman and Palaszczuk Government’s for their foresight in bringing a world class casino and lifestyle precinct to Brisbane.”