TCQ farewells Life Member, Ray Mitchell, may he rest in peace

11 September 2020

Members of the Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ) are saddened as we farewell Ray Mitchell, who passed away at 91 in the early hours of Tuesday, 8 September 2020.

A Life Member of TCQ, Ray was an inspiration to many within the industry.

Ray made significant contributions to the taxi industry through his role as President of TCQ from 1991 through till 1999. As President he navigated the State through a boom of technological advancements and guided the industry though the reform period that saw the implementation of the Passenger Transport Act in 1994. In recognition of this strong commitment to the industry, Ray was honoured by his peers by being inducted as a Life Member of TCQ in 2002.

Of course there was more to Ray’s career than just taxis, having worked as a butcher, bookmaker and publican, amongst other jobs. He was even on the board of selectors for the Country Rugby League team for a time. However, it was after he and Colleen made the move to the Gold Coast that Ray stepped into the taxi industry in his 50s. Ray is remembered as a licence owner whose dedication and passion for customer service saw him quickly rise to become the Chairman of Regent Taxis.

Zara Trengrove, a family friend and colleague of Ray, remembers him as one of a kind.

“They don’t make them like they used to. Ray was very lovely person and completely professional,” said Ms Trengrove. “Ray certainly was the gentleman of the taxi industry.”

John Detsikas, long-time friend of Ray, said the industry has lost an inspirational person who always delivered great work.

“Ray was a great man for the industry through the different struggles across the years. He was a great chairman, a great leader and a great man,” said Mr Detsikas.

“The taxi industry prospered under Ray’s leadership, [and] a lot of people had great admiration for Ray.”

He is survived by his wife Colleen, and a large family of children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Ray’s funeral will be held on Wednesday, 16 September 2020. Due to strict COVID-19 protocols, the family has asked TCQ to keep a list of those who wish to attend to help assist with contact tracing requirements. For details on where to send condolences, please contact TCQ on 07 3434 2100.