Media Release
25 January 2018

Queensland taxi companies are gearing up for a busy Australia Day long weekend. While most people are enjoying a well-earned day off, the public holiday will see thousands of cabbies out on the road making sure their fellow Queenslanders get to and from family festivities, parties with friends, and even the odd protest rally safely and affordably.

The State Government is encouraging Queenslander’s to have a ‘Plan B’ in place as they celebrate our national day under its Join the Drive campaign to keep roads safe.

Taxi Council of Queensland CEO, Blair Davies, said the smartest plan for Australia Day is to leave the car at home and just grab a cab.

“We’ll have over 3,000 cabs at the ready to transport passengers all weekend, whether it’s to a backyard bar-b-que, celebrations in a park, or a night on the town,” he said.

“Queensland cabbies are professionals and collectively they are on the road all day, every day, serving their communities. Customers can trust their cabbie to have the skills and experience necessary to navigate through holiday traffic and road closures to pick them up and then get them to their destinations.

“Our aim this long weekend is to ensure every passenger experiences a reliable, affordable and hassle-free service.”

While ride-booking companies will be looking to implement money gouging methods such as surge pricing whenever demand picks up, Queenslanders can have confidence that taxi fares won’t be subject to spikes and exploitation.

“Our locally owned and operated taxi companies do not implement surge pricing because as Australians we don’t like rip offs either; we believe in a fair go for all,” Mr Davies said.

“This weekend we’re encouraging everyone to stay safe by grabbing a cab. In doing so you will be helping Australian businesses that own and operate your local taxi services to stay on the road and serve your community. This Australia day, it just makes sense, let’s make Australian businesses our first choice.”