Statement from Taxi Council Queensland

Media Statement
17 March 2016

Taxi Council Queensland (TCQ) welcomes the report from Queensland parliament’s Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources Committee calling on urgent enforcement action against illegal taxi services.

There is one law for all in this state, and for too long, illegal taxi operators have been allowed to ignore the law with no ramifications. This breakdown of the rule of law has widespread consequences and has negatively impacted thousands of law abiding small business operators across Queensland. For this lack of action, legislators should be ashamed.

However, the State Government now has another opportunity to be decisive and uphold the law and we urge them to do so immediately.

TCQ is an active participant in the current government review process and is working with all sides of parliament to achieve the right outcome. However, in the meantime the law is the law, and at the moment we have an uneven playing field, with taxis abiding by regulation while illegal operators do not, giving them an unfair business advantage.

This should not be acceptable in any jurisdiction that values the rule of law. Regulations exist for a reason and the taxi industry in Queensland is proud of our record and the service we offer millions of customers ever year. We operate around 250,000 trips every day across the state, providing the safest and most reliable form of door to door transport.

Taxi Council Queensland