Taxi Council of Queensland Inc.
Media Release
August 9, 2017

The latest alleged sexual assault involving an Uber driver in Brisbane provides further cause for the State Government to rethink its position on the safety of booked hire services, according to the Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ).

TCQ CEO Blair Davies said the evidence keeps mounting for the Government to mandate security cameras in booked hire vehicles.

“The proof is compelling; these services are not as safe as the Government thought. This is sadly becoming just too common an event in Brisbane and it’s also likely to be a problem elsewhere in the state.

“How many more young female victims do there need to be before this Government does something?”

Sexual assault (rape) charges were recently laid against two other Uber drivers in Brisbane, and Mr Davies has questioned whether these alleged incidents would have happened if security cameras were in those vehicles.

He said while booked hire drivers must have criminal background checks like taxi drivers, these checks only provide half of the solution.

“Checks stop convicted predators driving taxis and booked hire vehicles, but what about predators who have never been caught?

“If a sexual predator hasn’t been caught or charged with an offence, they won’t be red flagged. Security cameras complement criminal history checks and provide the extra level of protection needed to deter anyone without a record using a taxi or booked hire vehicle for criminal behaviour.

“Since 2005, taxi passengers and drivers have been safer because of security cameras being mandatory in Queensland taxis. It’s now time for the Government to step in and make them mandatory in booked hire vehicles as well.”