Grab a cab and support Australia on Australia Day

Media release
January 24, 2019 

The Taxi Council of Queensland (TCQ) is reminding party goers to grab a cab over the Australia Day long weekend to stay safe and keep Australian dollars in Australia rather than heading overseas.

TCQ CEO Blair Davies is reminding consumers to think about where their money goes this Australia Day because when they travel by taxi, all of the fare stays in Australia. This is unlike the big booked-hire platforms where the fare goes directly overseas, often to low tax countries, and only a portion returns.

“Grabbing a cab on Australia Day is good for the economy because it keeps our dollars circulating in the local economy. It is good for the community’s hip pocket,” he said

Mr Davies also warned that prices for booked-hire services are all but guaranteed to sky rocket this public holiday and so consumers should prepare themselves for the inevitable bill shock that comes with surge pricing.

“Public holidays will often see booked hire vehicles’ price surcharging, meaning rides end up costing passengers hundreds of dollars more than the normal fare,” he said.

“We do not want to see revelers losing out to opportunistic price gouging because they’ve had a few drinks and their only concern is getting from point A to point B. Nothing is more un-Australian than taking advantage of passengers wanting to travel during popular times.”

Mr Davies said taxis are standing by to ensure passengers can get to where they need to be.

“Taking a taxi allows revellers to enjoy their festivities without worry about being or finding a designated driver,” he continued. “Queensland taxi drivers will be giving up their own celebrations to be out in force at all hours of the day and night over the Australia Day weekend, helping everyone to get around safely, and at the normal taxi rates.”

“Passenger and driver safety is always our industry’s number one priority. Our greatest concern this Australia Day is that with no one effectively policing the zero-blood alcohol level in booked-hire drivers, there is no way of knowing where the likes of an Uber driver has been and what they’ve consumed prior to jumping in their car and turning the app on,” he continued.

“There’s simply no reason for anyone in our community to be putting their lives or the lives of other road users at risk because they’ve enjoyed one drink too many.

“Cabbies simply want to get Aussies to and from their celebrations safely. Taxi drivers are ready and waiting to help customers get to and from their celebrations and we encourage everyone to make safety a priority this Australia Day by letting Queensland cabbies do the driving,” concluded Mr Davies.