Driver Training

Training Requirements

Applicants for taxi DA who will be driving in major contract areas (where the fleet size is 35 or more) are required to successfully complete 7 national taxi drivers competency units   that must be provided by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

  • TLIL6009A or TLIL2060A Complete induction to the transport industry
  • TLIC907C or TLIC2009A Drive taxicab
  • TLIB9009A or TLIB2090A Use communication systems in a taxicab
  • TLIF7209A or TLIF2072A Comply with safety and security procedures
  • TLIH407B or TLIH3004A Identify major roads, services and attractions
  • TLII1909A or TLII2019A Provide taxicab customer service
  • TLIQ1609A or TLIP2037A Carry out financial transactions and maintain records

Applicants for taxi driver authorisation who intend to drive in non-major taxi service areas (areas with 34 or fewer taxi service licences) will not be required to complete the seven competencies listed above, but are still required to successfully complete the Queensland ‘Taxiplus’ training course.


Taxiplus Course

The Taxiplus couurse has been developed through the expertise, resources and cooperation of the Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Taxi Council Queensland, various members of the taxi industry, and the University of Queensland.

What is the aim of the Taxiplus Course?

The aim of the Taxiplus Course is:

  • To provide taxi drivers with high level competencies in several key areas, including communication and cross-cultural skills, and greater knowledge in the areas of disability, defensive driving and financial management.
  • To further raise the level of professional service in the taxi service industry.

Successful completion of Taxiplus is one of the criteria for the granting of Driver Authorisation (DA).



Taxiplus Kit Order

The Taxi Plus kit includes 1 x Driver Study Guide, 1 x Instructor Study Guide, 1 x Training DVD and 1 x Driver Quiz. To order the Taxiplus kit, please contact the TCQ office on (07) 3434 2100.

*The OA holder can forward the Taxiplus training certificate paperwork  via the online submission below by uploading the paperwork.